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The New Absolute RF Device

For Anti-aging and Tightening


Intelligent Cooling System
Cooling gas to maintain the proper temperature
of the procedure protects the epidermis and
transfers energy to the deeper area of the skin,
Minimizing side effects due to heat such as burns.

Contact Vibration System

The vibration generated in accordance
with the energy irradiation reduces
pain and enables smooth treatment.

Fast & Effective
Safe Treatment

Oligio is a system for improving operator convenience such as fatigue of the operator and reduction of the treatment time.


Auto Mode

Energy is continuously irradiated with a single switching,
significantly r
educing the procedure fatigue and treatment time.

Double Mode

By irradiating 2 shots per minute of mild energy,
the pain is reduced and the effect is maximized.

Single Mode

Safe and effective treatment is possible by investigating
optimized energy for each area.

Skin Impedance Checking System

Optimized energy output through Impedance Checking

Skin Temp. Tracking Sensor

Prevents burns and minimizes side effects through
real-time temperature check of the skin

Pressure Sensor

Increased treatment safety by operating only at moderate pressure


· Excellent efficiency and convenience as it can be used without time limitation after opening the tip
· Supports various tip sizes depending on the processing location


Skin Lifting & Tightening

· Skin laxity & sagging jowl

· Skin tightening

· Face & body contouring


Double Mode

· Skin laxity & sagging jowl

· Skin tightening

· Face & body contouring

Single Mode

· Fine lines

· Nasolabial fold

· Periorbital wrinkle

· Neck wrinkle


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